Online Resources - Marine Biology

Biology Degrees to Save the World (Online Biology Degree)
Biology degrees today are preparing graduates with the skills needed not only to understand how biological ecosystems work in textbooks, but also the knowledge and creativity to fix the 21st century’s problems. features information on the biology, morphology, behavior, ecological relationships, taxonomy, and conservation status of the fascinating marine life that inhabits the ocean from nanoplankton to blue whales.

At Sea provides visitors with a connection to real scientific expeditions 'exploring the ocean frontier'. This site explores concepts that will open your eyes to the diversity of life in the oceans.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Online Field Guide is an excellent resource that allows users to learn about marine (and coastal) inhabitants and their habitats.  Study the denizens of Beaches and Dunes, Coastal Waters and Wetlands, Coral Reefs, the Deep Sea, Kelp Forests, Open Waters, Rivers and Streams, Rocky Shores or the Sandy Seafloor!

The Learning Zone from MarLIN (Marine Life Information Network - UK and Ireland) is particularly well suited for young learners.  Click on the creatures and features for quizzes, games, adventures and more information.

NOAA Education Oceans and Coasts topics are designed for the teacher to use in the classroom or as background reference material. There is also information about programs that provide training and other opportunities for educators.

NOAA's Ark is a website dedicated to images of marine life; exhaustive and beautiful.

NOAA's National Marine Mammal Laboratory is responsible for conducting research on marine mammals. Search through current research findings or visit the image gallery for photos of seals, dolphins, whales and more! Click here for educational materials.

Monsters of the Deep from Sea and Sky lets students meet the creatures of the ocean depths from their own submarine! Also visit coral reefs, hydrothermal vents, or study the history of ocean exploration. 

Into the Abyss from NOVA Online Adventures leads visitors on a mission to the depths of the Juan de Fuca Ridge; explore Black Smokers and a deep sea bestiary!

The Marine Conservation Biology Institute has articles and news stories pertaining to saving the oceans’ ecosstems.  Visit MCBI's interactive From Sea to Shining Sea page to explore the Ocean Area of the United States by region, theme or clickable map.

MBLinks provides links to websites and organizations featuring a wide range of marine biology topics from Coral Reefs, Invasive Species and Marine Mammals to the State of the Ocean and the Intertidal Zone.

Sea Semester at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution offers lesson plans listed by grade level and topic.  Many of these lesson plans were designed by teachers who have participated in the SEA Experience program.

The University of California Santa Barbara Library provides Internet Resources in Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology.

Marine Crustaceans of Southern Australia: They may look like your garden variety, but look more closely and you’ll see some strange ones indeed.

WhaleNet from Wheelock College offers students, teachers and the public lessons, data, projects and resources to bring Whales and Marine Research to homes and classrooms.

The American Museum of Natural History: online exhibit “Darwin” integrates Darwin’s pioneering marine studies into his astonishing career