Ocean Frontier Institute

Street Address:
1355 Oxford Street | PO Box 15000
Nova Scotia
Postal Code:
B3H 4R2
+1 902 494 4201
School Programs:
International Postdoctoral Program: Postdoctoral fellows at Dalhousie University will spend up to 50% of the award period at one of the OFI partner international institutions. Bilateral Doctoral Program: Graduate students will receive degrees from their respective institutions, but will be co-supervised and have research stays in partner institutions, providing them with the opportunity to graduate with international experience. Visiting Fellows Program: Researchers from partner institutions will be eligible to apply for short or long-term stays at Dalhousie University, undertaking research projects and co-supervising students. Ocean School: OFI plays a key role in Ocean School, a Dalhousie and National Film Board of Canada educational initiative for youth aged 11-15 aimed at improving ocean literacy and engagement in science.

Contact OFI for more info:
Dr. Wendy Watson-Wright
Chief Executive Officer
wendy.watson-wright at dal dot ca
General inquiry can be directed to:
ofi at dal dot ca

Ocean Frontier Institute
Dalhousie University

Safe and sustainable development of the ocean frontier.

The Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI) is a collaborative research initiative to harness the vast potential of the world’s ocean. An international hub for ocean science, OFI brings together researchers and institutes from both sides of the North Atlantic to understand our changing ocean and create safe, sustainable solutions for development.

OFI represents a historic partnership between Dalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of Prince Edward Island. The support of partners in the Government of Canada’s federal laboratories, the Royal Canadian Navy, National Film Board of Canada and national and international industry, as well as knowledge shared by eight international scientific organizations will establish Canada as a global leader in transformative ocean research.

Research Vision

OFI research improves prediction and mitigation of major storms, helps better manage the ocean's living resources, improves aquaculture's potential to meet global seafood demand, strengthens marine transportation policy and risk reduction, and transforms how we monitor the ocean with new data capture and IT tools. Learn more.

Geographic Focus

Research focus is the Northwest Atlantic and the Canadian Arctic Gateway, one of the few places on earth where ocean changes are happening first and fastest, making it an epicentre of international scientific interest and a predictor for the global ocean.