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World Ocean Observer - Exporting Pollution

Exporting Pollution

Tundi Agardy, Ph.D.

Ships have changed the world. Consider the role that sea-going vessels
have had in rise of some of the greatest civilizations: those of
ancient India and China, the Vikings, or the Mediterranean-based
Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. Maritime traffic has allowed cultural,
biological, and commercial exchange, profoundly influencing the
development of both individual societies and the world as a whole1.

World Ocean Observer - Sea Turtles

How Sea Turtles Draw Us In To the Broader Challenges of Conservation

Tundi Agardy, PhD.

What is it about sea turtles? How are they able to move us so deeply,
perhaps more than any other marine creature? And why has the compassion
that they have managed to generate not translated into effective
conservation of marine turtle species throughout the world?