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May 2014 E-Newsletter of the World Ocean Observatory

May 2014 Newsletter
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First Quarter 2011 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Our Ocean Space Successfully Launches
  • World Ocean Video
  • The Sea Connects All Things - A New Public Presentation


W2O Announces "Our Ocean Space"

"The Sea Connects All Things"

Correction: UN Climate Change Conference - Cancún

Dear W2O subscribers,

There are two corrections to be made to the newsletter that went out on Monday 12/6 with regard to COP 16 in Cancun:

UN Climate Change Conference - Cancún

Dear W2O Subscribers, 


World Ocean Day


April 2010: Sea Changes

In this issue:

  • World Ocean Observatory Launches New Website Design
  • Ocean=Climate Initiative for Copenhagen Climate Summit
  • In Search of Syndication: World Ocean Radio

Pohnpei Reef: NOAA, David Burdick  

Ocean Observer - Climate Change and Oceans

Changing Climate, Changing Oceans

Mark Spalding, The Ocean Foundation1


Global climate and the world ocean are inexorably linked. This is not merely because the ocean's ecosystems, like all others on earth, are affected by climate changes, but also because it is the oceans that drive planetary climate and weather. Changing climate changes the marine environment, but so too does a changing marine environment contribute to global climate change.

World Ocean Observer - Freshwater

Water: Elixir of Life, on Land and in the Sea

Tundi Agardy, PhD.

Water makes life possible - no other element is so universally required by living things. The bulk of our bodies is water, and all life on earth depends on it, either for drinking, nurturing eggs and young, or providing living space. Even ocean creatures rely on freshwater; all water is inexorably linked. This essential connection between freshwater and seawater underpins the great array of life in the sea.

World Ocean Observer - Ocean Energy

An Ocean of Energy There for the Taking

by Tundi Agardy, Ph.D.
marine conservationist, founder of Sound Seas