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WORLD OCEAN RADIO is a weekly series of five-minute audio essays on a wide range of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects, brought to you by long-time host and W2O director Peter Neill. More than 350 episodes are now available for RSS feed, podcast, and syndicated use at no cost by community and public radio stations worldwide. We are distributed in North America, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. In 2014 World Ocean Radio went global: A selection of episodes is now available in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Swahili and Mandarin, enabling us to connect with 75% of the world’s population.

Image Credit: Rod Mast | Marine Photobank

Education is the primary tool for building public awareness and the inter-generational transfer of knowledge. The OCEAN CLASSROOM is an essential online resource, a catalogue of curriculum, profiles of ocean exemplars, examples of ocean careers, and inspiring organizations and learning institutions. 

Image: Healthy Coral Reef, Florida Keys
Credit: NOAA

Notes Toward a New Hydraulic Society

by Peter Neill, Director
The World Ocean Observatory

Forward by Dr. Paul Mayweski, Director,
Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

Cloth, soft cover, and ebook editions available through,, and

Our editorial team is hard at work on Volume II of the World Ocean Journal, an e-magazine on ocean culture and solutions to today’s ocean issues. Each volume includes essays, interviews, art, exhibits, and performances profiling the vital impacts of the ocean on our lives. Future editions focus on a particular theme. The 2015 Journal theme, which will launch in late June, is “Islands.”

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Notes Toward a New Hydraulic Society

Now Available!
Forward by Dr. Paul Mayewski, Director, Climate Change Institute. 398 pages. Cloth, trade paper, mobipocket, epub.
ISBN: 9780918172583
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World Ocean Exhibits

World Ocean Observatory is pleased to offer a variety of original and third party ocean exhibits. Our goal is to connect our audience of more than one million visitors each year with maritime museums and aquariums around the globe. We wish to be a central location for a wide variety of ocean-related exhibits related to maritime heritage, culture, climate, art, science, and examples of the important role that the ocean plays in our lives.




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