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World Ocean Radio has expanded into a worldwide audio feature! Now available: a selection of broadcasts in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Swahili. Our goal: to introduce World Ocean Radio to new audiences in Europe, Africa, South America and Latin America, offered at no cost to presenters and broadcast affiliates, providing the opportunity for organizations, colleges, universities and community radio stations to advance their own mission through collaboration and sponsorship. Learn more today!

Education is the primary tool for building public awareness and the inter-generational transfer of knowledge. The OCEAN CLASSROOM is an essential online resource, a catalogue of curriculum, profiles of ocean exemplars, examples of ocean careers, and inspiring organizations and learning institutions. 

Image: Healthy Coral Reef, Florida Keys
Credit: NOAA

Cultural diversity affects our lives in countless ways: as a source of identity, conflict, crisis, community, and spiritual development. It is the outcome of thousands of years of contact among people of different customs, beliefs, and of human interaction with nature. The ocean plays a powerful role in this process throughout time: feeding us, connecting us, and shaping us as nations, tribes, and individuals.

Image: Reef Protection Ceremony, Papua New Guinea

Image Credit: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies | Marine Photobank

Our editorial team is hard at work on Volume II of the World Ocean Journal, an e-magazine on ocean culture and solutions to today’s ocean issues. Each volume includes essays, interviews, art, exhibits, and performances profiling the vital impacts of the ocean on our lives. Future editions focus on a particular theme. The 2015 Journal theme, which will launch in the first quarter, is “Islands.”

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World Ocean Radio Global

Update! World Ocean Radio has gone global. We are pleased to bring you a selection of our more than 300 broadcasts in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Swahili. Our goal: to introduce WOR to new audiences in Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. In 2015 we will add Chinese to our catalogue of languages, enabling us to connect with 75% of the world’s population. Read more.


W2O YouTube Channel

World Ocean Video on YouTube!

Visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to find a variety of relevant, cutting-edge, beautiful, informative, and thoughtful original and curated content. Our intent is to communicate the full spectrum of today's ocean issues: climate, fresh water, food, energy, trade, transportation, public health, finance, governance, recreation and culture. Subscribe today.





Citizens of the Ocean

Citizens of the Ocean is a social movement to bring about change for a sustainable ocean. Take a moment to sign our pledge today! All you have to do is agree to a handful of personal commitments. Together as citizens we have the power to bring about significant and lasting change for our world and our ocean, one commitment at a time. 



Our Ocean Space

Attention Students & Teachers! Our Ocean Space is a web-based network for exchange of projects, art, audio/visual presentations and other imaginative formats, created and uploaded by young Citizens of the Ocean to share with their counterparts worldwide.


Subscription Services

Update! Join our growing list of partners—aquariums, science centers, maritime museums, universities—and receive original and curated films on major ocean issues ready for exhibits, kiosks, theaters, and other educational programs. Modules also contain an educational resource package and a publicity/analytics widget for your website.


The Sea Connects All Things

Update! This one hour lecture by W2O Director Peter Neill suggests actions, beyond the predictable conventions, for organizations and individuals to adopt as an innovative strategy for the future. It is available for presentation to college, school, and institutional audiences. For further information about lecture schedule and arrangements, please contact [email protected].


World Ocean Events

Theme-based presentations on key ocean issues, designed for students, teachers, and other interested Citizens of the Ocean.