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WORLD OCEAN FORUM invites fresh ideas, new solutions, provocative and imaginative conversations about the future of the ocean, and links unexpected people with unexpected ideas. It is a place for key ocean voices: professionals and Citizens of the Ocean alike, to contribute to an active forum of opinion, ideas, and proposals for change in ocean policy and action worldwide. We are now accepting submissions to the FORUM. To inquire about becoming a contributing writer, please contact us at

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Treasures of the Deep
Doug Struck
Pew Charitable Trusts
The 8 Million Species
We Don't Know
E.O. Wilson
The Salmon Nursery
a story by
David Wolman
Sharks & Coffee
Doug Woodring
Ocean Recovery Alliance
Deep Sea Mining Update
part two
Peter Neill
What Do Single Use Plastics Say About Your Business?
Doug Woodring
Images from a Warming
Planet. A photo by
Ashley Cooper
Deep Sea Mining Update
part one
Peter Neill
Carbon Offsets for a Sustainable Future
UCapture & South Pole
Building Bridges
Thor Sigfusson
Iceland Ocean Cluster
Can Man-Made Floating Cities Save the Ocean?
Seasteading Floating City Project, Joe Quirk
How Data Can Heal Our Oceans by Nishan Degnarain and Steve Adler
World Economic Forum
Sustainability and the
Blue Economy
Peter Neill
Why We Must Thing Bigger to Protect the World's Water by Guilio Boccaletti, The Nature Conservancy Obituary for an Arctic River
Mia Bennett
for Cryopolitics


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