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The WORLD OCEAN OBSERVATORY is a major utility for ocean communication as a means to advance public awareness and political will, and is dedicated to providing information and education about the health of the ocean. We believe that informed citizens worldwide can unite to sustain the ocean through mitigation and change of human behavior on land and sea. Our focus is the full spectrum of ocean issues: climate, fresh water, food, energy, trade, transportation, public health, finance, governance, security, recreation, and culture. It is our belief that the sea connects all things.

The W2O is the leading organization advocating for the health and sustainability of the ocean through an accessible worldwide network of communication. Through education, partnership, information exchange, public connection, and relentless communications, W2O is committed to building an expansive global community of Citizens of the Ocean to promote and conserve marine resources for the future of all mankind.

World Ocean Observatory
P.O. Box 1
Sedgwick, Maine 04676
[email protected]

World Ocean Observatory is a registered 501c3 organization. Our IRS tax classification as an organization described in Internal Revenue Service Code sections 501c3 and 509 (a)(1),(2),or (3) has not changed. EIN: 46-5693943  |  guidestar.org/profile/46-5693943
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