The New World Ocean Observatory!

Since 2005, the World Ocean Observatory has grown from a simple idea to a growing Internet-based enterprise striving to become the on-line place of exchange of ocean information and educational services.

Welcome to our new site design, incorporating all our portal and pro-active services in what we hope will be a more useful and friendly system to link you with thousands of ocean-related programs and organizations around the world and to engage you through web connections, resources, newsletters, events, radio features, subscription services, forums, and educational networks in a global conversation about and campaign for a sustainable ocean.

We urge you to subscribe to our newsletter, World Ocean Observer. We urge you to enter your organization into the World Ocean Directory. We urge you to listen to World Ocean Radio and to suggest ways to distribute those audio features to radio stations in your college or community.

If you are a teacher, we invite you to explore Ocean Classroom to find curricula for your classroom. If you are a student, we invite you to visit Ocean Events to research in depth specific ocean themes. If you are simply curious about how the ocean relates to your life, family and collective well-being, we know you will find here many links to others -- organizations and individuals -- who share your interest and have much to provide through research, publicatiions, audio-visual productions, public policy, and citizen action around the world.

The World Ocean Observatory defines the ocean as "an integrated, global, social system," extending from the mountain-top to the abyssal plain. The ocean is essential to our health, our work, our economic growth, our politics, and our culture. The sea connects all things...

Thanks for your visit. Please contact us with your constructive comments, your suggestions of programs left out, and your ideas about how we can continue to build for the future a vital and engaged community of the ocean.