Ocean School

Ocean School is a free environmental education resource for students in grades 5-12.

EPA Drinking Water and Ground Water Program

Online curriculum guide for grades K-12 with topics including watersheds, the water cycle and non-point source pollution.

Water Science for Schools

The latest education-based web site developed by Howard Perlman of the US Geological Survey, Water Resources Division. This site is available for all students and anyone who wants to find out more about the many aspects of water from what it is to how we use it.

Water School STEAM Curriculum (for ages 6-14)

The Water School in Southwest Morocco combines art, engineering, science, and mathematics (STEAM) learning through the exploration of water, sustainability, conservation, and environmental challenges. The Water School  follows three main themes, organized in this curriculum as units: basic ecology, the uses and sources of water, and enviromental stewardship.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

A collection of information and classroom activities covering: oceans, human impact, weather, satellite imagery, remote sensing, Antarctica, global climate change, lobsters, turtles, freshwater issues, and more.

The Global Education Project

Educational wall charts, graphics and maps available for environmental and earth science educators. Topics include impacts of climate change, animals affected by climate and at risk of extinction, global ecology, fresh water, pollution, and more.

EPA's Environmental Education Center

Find curricula and activities on water (including oceans, rivers and watersheds), air, ecosystems, recycling, conservation, and human health. In addition, you will also find links to education grants, awards, scholarships, workshops and community service projects.