Marine Species

Toxic and Harmful Algal Blooms Activities Page

These activities will help your students gain a better understanding of toxic and harmful algal blooms. Each module consists of background content material and related standards-based activities.

Telemetry to the Rescue has a wealth of information for educators and students on remote monitoring (telemetry) and marine mammals as well as a hands-on STEM curriculum for 6th-12th grades aligned to Ocean Literacy Principles and Science Content Standards.

Secrets of the Ocean Realm

From PBS Online, contains information, teaching activities, quizzes, photography and more. Activities designed for grades 5-7 (with extensions for lower and higher grades).

Pacific Salmon Educational Resources

An incredible journey: A series of educational resources about Pacific salmon including curriculum for grades 4 and 5, a board game and a children's  book all to promote salmon stewardship. Provided by Fisheries NOAA.

The Ocean Adventure

Offers school assembly programs complete with a set of thematic, multi-disciplinary curriculum materials. Choose from the following program topics: animal adaptations, manatees, sharks, whales, kelp forests, coral reefs, volcanoes, or ocean careers & technology, Grades K-8.

National Marine Sanctuaries Teacher Programs

The National Marine Sanctuary Program aims to provide teachers with resources and training to support ocean literacy in America's classrooms. Lesson plans, exciting activities for students, possible research projects, and extensive background information for teachers. Grades 3-12.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

A collection of information and classroom activities covering: oceans, human impact, weather, satellite imagery, remote sensing, Antarctica, global climate change, lobsters, turtles, freshwater issues, and more.