Plastic and the Ocean

Ocean School

Ocean School is a free environmental education resource for students in grades 5-12.

National Marine Sanctuaries Teacher Programs

The National Marine Sanctuary Program aims to provide teachers with resources and training to support ocean literacy in America's classrooms. Lesson plans, exciting activities for students, possible research projects, and extensive background information for teachers. Grades 3-12.

Marine Debris (Washed Ashore Project | Integrated Arts)

The Washed Ashore Project uses art to communicate about the health of the ocean. They share curriculum and resources on ways to educate students about plastic pollution in the ocean and in waterways and to spark positive change in consumer habits.

Marine Debris (NOAA Office of Response & Restoration)

Educators can download an assortment of puzzles, brain-teasers, coloring activities, and formal curricula including marine debris monitoring toolkits for grades 1-12. All marine debris curricula and activities are available for download and print.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

A collection of information and classroom activities covering: oceans, human impact, weather, satellite imagery, remote sensing, Antarctica, global climate change, lobsters, turtles, freshwater issues, and more.

The Global Education Project

Educational wall charts, graphics and maps available for environmental and earth science educators. Topics include impacts of climate change, animals affected by climate and at risk of extinction, global ecology, fresh water, pollution, and more.

Our Ocean / Our Health curriculum module examines several key human connections to the ocean. Topics include activism/advocacy, climate change, ecosystems, nature, and social awareness. It will show students how to make a difference, how to understand the science and our relationship with the ocean, and ends with journaling and a community service art activity. For grades 9-12