Coastal Issues

This site presents information, lesson plans and programs focused on the "fragile fringe," the coastline and estuarine systems of the USA.

To learn about all aspects of coastal management, visit this site and follow links to relevant text books, courses, and other sites around the world that address coastal issues.

The guide to coastal Europe offers visitors a wide range of information presenting the natural diversity of the coast, featuring the Netherlands and Malta, with links to all countries on the European continent.

A monthly newsletter on issues related to coastal science and research,and a great resource with news announcing teacher institutes around the US.


Online Event - Cities and Oceans

Cities and Oceans 

Despite recent advances in addressing the destruction of our global marine environment the one of the most critical issues has gone largely unaddressed. That destructive force is unsustainable urban development.

Over half the global population now lives in cities. Urban development is increasing. As people move to the cities they dramatically increase their consumption of products and services, using more natural resources, generating more waste, using more energy.