Fisheries and Food

From Manitoba, a site that presents sustainable fishing in a beautiful and engaging way.

A teacher guide from the Ministry of Fisheries in New Zealand, complete with lesson downloads, games and cartoons.

Fair-fish develops and promotes fair methods in artisinal fisheries taking into consideration animal welfare, environmental protection and management and appropriate compensation of fishermen. (German) (English overview)

A whole page of aquaculture resources compiled by the University of Delaware in the United States.

Canada's Ocean Management Plan centers around conservation and sustainable use. This site links to many others and is a great resource.

Online Event - High Seas Fisheries

High Seas Fisheries

The deep sea covers over 90% of the ocean bottom and mostly lies beyond 200 nautical miles from shore. These dark ocean depths teem with rich and diverse sea life, most of which remains undiscovered.

For the fishing industry, advances in fishing technologies has meant the unreachable is now within reach. The damaging effects of human activities from bottom trawling to pollution can now be seen in every ocean.