Magazines and Journals

Many popular magazines and scholarly journals are important presenters of maritime history. While many of these have not archived their back issues on the Internet, their websites typically list a comprehensive table of contents and are excellent sources for individual profiles, design histories, construction methods, and historical descriptions and analyses. Here we list many of the most familiar maritime publications in English and French.

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World Ocean Journal

World Ocean Journal is an annual digital magazine published by the World Ocean Observatory. The Journal highlights ocean culture, ocean issues and solutions to some of the problems facing the ocean today. Each volume original and pre-published research arcticles and essays, interviews, art, exhibits, stories, and performances which profile some of the vital impacts of the ocean on our lives.

Sirene Journal
Sirene is "a new magazine tailored for those people who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it." Based in the UK, Sirene is available in Italian and English.

Revitalization News
A journal of urban, rural and environmental resilience offering opportunities and resources for regenerating economies, heritage, agriculture and nature. Revitalization News is a place for representaives of academia, non-profits, foundations, business and government from around the world to come together to focus on creating a healthier, more prosperous and resilient future.

Hakai Magazine

Coastal Science and Societies
Hakai Magazine explores science, society, and the environment from a coastal perspective. The magazine is funded by the Tula Foundation, which also funds the Hakai Institute, but remains editorially independent.

Salty at Heart

Salty at Heart, a new journal in 2017, features female scientists, authors, film-makers, humanitarians, and change-makers who are making a difference in the world. The mission is to inspire sustainability and equality worldwide.

Seven Seas Magazine

Promoting marine conservation through community engagement, online media, and eco-tourism, Seven Seas Magazine is striving to inspire and educate readers about marine conservation through great photos and engaging content.

World Ocean Review

The World Ocean Review series is published by Maribus, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the correlative relationships in marine science. The purpose of World Ocean Review is to present scientific data accessible by any reader, serving all who wish to engage in the debate on the issues surrounding marine science.

National Maritime Digital Library

The overall mission of the Digital Library is to collect, preserve and make accessible maritime resources from a variety of different institutions, in electronic format, thereby promoting maritime cultural heritage scholarship.

International Journal of Maritime History

The International Journal of Maritime History is a fully-refereed publication for researchers concerned with the economic and social history of the merchant marines, shipbuilding, fishing, ports, trade and maritime societies. (By subscription, full index and recent tables of contents available online)

Coriolis: Interdisciplinary Journal of Maritime Studies

Named for the prevailing global force that shapes human maritime experience, Coriolis offers scholars and serious researchers a refereed forum in which to disseminate work on human interaction with the seas. We define “maritime” broadly to include direct and indirect influences on human relationships through the fields of history, literature, art, nautical archaeology, material culture, and environmental studies. (Open access.)

American Neptune

This excellent maritime history journal has suspended publication; copies are not available online, but sample issues are at the website and it is held by many libraries. Selected articles were published in Thirty Years of the American Neptune, edited by Ernest S. Dodge (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1972)

Classic Boat

Britain's monthly traditional classic boating magazine available in print and by digital edition.

Chasse Maree (in French)

Chasse Marée aims to revitalize a true maritime culture by focusing on all aspects of coastal life and tradition, past and present: commerce, fisheries, pleasure boating, life alongshore, everyday life of mariners, historic events, work at sea, boatbuilding, and naval architecture.

Sea History

Sea History is a journal of advocacy and education, covering the world of maritime museums, sail training, art, literature, lore, and learning of the sea with a national focus and an international scope. Sea History Magazine is published quarterly by the National Maritime Historical Society and carries stories on ships and the sea both past and present.


Maritime LIfe and Traditions

A quarterly publication dedicated to marine culture, ships, yachts, boats, sailing, history, art, industries, fishing, crafts, news, events, and festivals. Published 1998-spring 2007; Issues #1-34 available through the WoodenBoat Store.