Marine Biology

OceanLink gives you pictures and lesson plans all about ocean life, from wetlands to hydrothermal vents, with a great glossary of Marine Biology terms.

'Exploring the ocean frontier', this site connects visitors to real scientific expeditions and explores concepts that will open your eyes to thediversity of life in the oceans.

NOAA's site dedicated to the images of marine life; exhaustive and beautiful.

NOAA's national marine mammal laboratory site, complete with current research findings and load of images of seals, dolphins and whales.

This exciting and student-friendly site is geared towards saving the seas. Students can design their own deep-sea creature.

The Marine Conservation Biology Institute has articles and news stories pertaining to saving the oceans' ecosystems; great photo library too.

Marine Crustaceans of Southern Australia! They may look like your garden variety, but look more closely and you'll see some strange ones indeed.