Meet the WORLD OCEAN Radio Team

July 2021
World Ocean Radio celebrated its 600th episode this week. Twelve years ago, World Ocean Radio was launched on WERU 89.9 Community Radio in Blue Hill, Maine, with the encouragement of the station managers. Today World Ocean Radio is still heard on WERU, but further amplified by more than 60 stations and online outlets across the United States, in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, even down both coasts of Africa on internet radio. With social media it can be reasonably estimated that World Ocean Radio can reach more than a million listeners each week, inextricably connected by the sea. Thanks for listening. 


Peter Neill

In addition to serving as Director of World Ocean Observatory, Peter is our host of World Ocean Radio, providing coverage of a broad spectrum of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects. Peter always has a current, relevant issue in mind and is ready to take pen to paper and voice to airwaves, offering a unique, authoritative voice on the major issues facing us and the ocean today.      

Peter Neill | World Ocean Radio Host

Trisha Badger

Trish has been Producer of World Ocean Radio since May of 2011: she is the program's post-production technician, marketing manager, broadcast affiliate liason, project manager for translators and hosts of our French, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swahili editions, and is our social media maven. Her dedication insures we'll continue to provide reliable, relevant, quality radio broadcasts to our listening audience each week.

Trisha Badger | World Ocean Radio Producer
José da Costa Picas Do Vale
Portuguese Host

José has worked as a fisherman since the age of thirteen. Later, while serving in the Navy, he was stationed at the Museu de Marinha where he began a 20 year-long career, first as a Naval officer and later as a consultant. He currently serves as an associate researcher for the Art History Institute and an integrated researcher for the Contemporary History Institute. He is working toward his PhD in Contemporary History with a focus on maritime museums, centered on the Museu do Mar Rei D. Carlos in Cascais, Portugal.
Jose Picas Do Vale | World Ocean Radio Portuguese
Alyne Cistone
East African Liason
Ocean Literacy Curriculum Consultant

Alyne Cistone is a Kenyan-born attorney currently living in Downeast Maine. She has an inborn passion for social justice, human rights, environmental conservation, and the advancement of education and community development. In addition to translating and recording audio in Swahili, Alyne consults with us on the Ocean Literacy curriculum to be introduced into Eastern Africa.
Alyne Cistone | World Ocean Radio Swahili
Laurent Lambert
Ad Hoc Program Consultant
West Indian Ocean, Red Sea and the Gulf

Laurent was instrumental in helping us get WORLD OCEAN Radio Global off and running. He helped us conceptualize a global development strategy for WOR, set us on the right track to locate quality, efficient, and super reliable translators, and helped us with some initial fundraising efforts to produce these WOR broadcasts in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Swahili.  We look forward to continuing to work with him on this and other new projects.

Laurent Lambert | World Ocean Radio Consultant: Red Sea, Indian Ocean
John Smith
Whitelancer Web Development
Nell Robinson
Sound Editing, Episode Bumpers