SEVENSEAS Travel Magazine

August 2016
World Ocean Observatory is pleased to introduce SEVENSEAS Travel Magazine, a free publication dedicated to marine conservation and travel through community engagement, online media, and eco-tourism. For a relatively new magazine they boast readership in more than 170 countries! Their mission: to inspire and educate their readers through rich imagery, engaging content, and a message of conservation.

World Ocean Observatory is now contributing content each month to SEVENSEAS. We look forward to this new partnership and the ways in which it will expand the conversation of ocean conservation. Contributions include essays of some of the pressing problems facing the world ocean today, as well as some innovations and solutions for the 21st century and beyond. It is our common goal to build upon the already vast community of citizens of the ocean by expanding ocean literacy; it is our shared belief that informed citizens have the power to reverse the trend of the destruction of ocean environments around the world.

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