Thank You for your Contribution

THANK YOU for your donation in support of World Ocean Observatory's programs! It is because of the generosity and commitment of supporters like you that we are able to fulfill our mission to build a global audience for ocean awareness and action. 

Now that you've made a donation, may we ask you for one more thing? Will  you take a moment to sign this Citizens of the Ocean Pledge? By doing so you will be re-directed to our newsletter signup page. We promise to stay in touch with important and compelling information about the world ocean. THANK YOU.


I pledge to work for the sustainable ocean through the following personal commitments:

To only consume seafood or seafood products at home or in restaurants that have been raised or harvested through documented sustainable processes;

To refuse plastic containers when possible, and to only choose those that can be reused or recycled;

To avoid all products using non-biodegradable packaging, Styrofoam, and plastic wrap;

To conserve, harvest, and recycle fresh water whenever possible at home, at work, and at organizations with which I am associated;

To do my best to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and production of CO2 emissions. I will endeavor to reduce my personal annual consumption by 25% using alternative transportation and conserving energy at home;

To adopt alternative technology (more fuel-efficient, hybrid or electric vehicles), solar and wind energy production, and other options whenever possible;

To advocate against the use, run-off and disposal of agricultural and lawn fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, industrial waste, debris, detergents, sewage treatment and storm drain outflow into streams, rivers, ponds, lakes and watersheds as it all leads to the ocean;

To leave all upland natural areas, waterways, and beaches cleaner and better than when I found them;

To oppose development within the coastal zone that compromises the environmental health of the shoreline and associated maritime resources;

To encourage local schools and civic organizations to support environmental studies, programs and values;

To support local conservation and advocacy organizations involved in community-based activities working toward a sustainable ocean;

To require my choice of candidate for local, regional, statewide and national office to commit to these outcomes as part of their political agenda before they are elected;

To build the "Citizens of the Ocean" network by sharing this pledge with my family, neighbors, and friends worldwide.