Our Ocean Space

© Greenpeace/Namrata / Namrata Chowdhary

Our Ocean space is a web-based network for exchange of projects, art, audio-visual presentations, and other imaginative formats, created and up-loaded by young Citizens of the Ocean to share with their counterparts worldwide. The intent is for teachers and students to up-load and share their ocean-related projects with other classrooms, linking together young people through their understanding and interpretation of ocean systems.

To facilitate the technology, we are inviting presentations to be submitted in PowerPoint format. Each project will be reviewed by the W2O Editor for appropriate content. Our intent is to share presentations for educational purposes only, but we must require teachers to address copyright clearance for submitted materials, to include photographs, music, and other literary and graphic materials.

We hope you will participate and engage in this global educational exchange and that connections between teachers and classrooms will emerge. The World Ocean Observatory is predicated on the assumption that "the sea connects all things," and we offer this service as a manifestation of a growing, international exchange of ocean information and educational service.