Hydraulic New York

The concepts of water harvesting and management are not new. In communities where water scarcity is a fact of life, the techniques are essential. How do we envision a hydraulic society with a growing world population which has enormous impacts on climate, watersheds, coastal areas and the deep ocean? In this episode of World Ocean Radio, host Peter Neill will have us look no further than New York City and the Green Infrastructure Plan as a real and compelling example for sustainability and increased conservation values, and an illustration for improved water quality techniques which could be implemented by other mega-cities around the world.


Peter Neill, Director of the W2O and host of World Ocean Radio, provides coverage of a broad spectrum of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects. World Ocean Radio, a project of the World Ocean Observatory, is a weekly series of five-minute audio essays available for syndicated use at no cost by community radio stations worldwide.

New York City's Green Infrastructure Plan and Sustainability Management