And Still More Answers for Sandy

As the power is restored, transportation comes back online, and life and order return to a semblance of normal, another storm fades from memory. Yet superstorm Sandy has left us with some very hard questions and facts. In this episode of World Ocean Radio, host Peter Neill will pose a series of questions that demand answers and will suggest that if we begin to change our ways now we may yet realize a habitable future living by and with the sea.

"Given the projected physical impact of sea level rise, exacerbated by storm-generated surge and flooding, how do we calculate, compare and declare what is fair and equitable in the short-term to what is fair and equitable in the long? Given this predictable situation, do we have any choice other than to change our ways? Yes, these are hard questions, not necessarily new, but demanding answers now in the harsh real light of the post-Sandy day. What will make us see clearly?"


Peter Neill, Director of the W2O and host of World Ocean Radio, provides coverage of a broad spectrum of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects. World Ocean Radio, a project of the World Ocean Observatory, is a weekly series of five-minute audio essays available for syndicated use at no cost by community radio stations worldwide.


Image: Breezy Point, NY. Credit: Frank Franklin II, AP

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