Network Societies

World Ocean Radio often touches upon "values," principles which guide our social, political, financial and communal interests. Value shifts such as the movement toward sustainability and value clashes such as the case of thirty activists currently jailed in Russia call to question whether we as a global society can build new forums for discussion and resolution. In this episode of World Ocean Radio, host Peter Neill will explain the impact of social media which serves to unify like-minded individuals and societies, galvanizing forces for change.

Read more about World Ocean Observatory's own values initiative, CITIZENS OF THE OCEAN, and take the pledge today.

Image: Thanks to the immediacy of social media, this has quickly become an iconic symbol, representing the imprisonment of thirty Greenpeace activists, crew of the Arctic Sunrise, arrested in September 2013 for peaceful protest of Arctic drilling at Gazprom's drilling platform Prirazlomnaya. Read more. Get involved.    


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