Peter Neill on WERU-FM Talking About "The Once and Future Ocean"

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  • In this half hour interview with Amy Browne, host of WERU-FM's "Maine Currents", Peter Neill discusses his new book, "The Once and Future Ocean: Notes Toward a New Hydraulic Society." During the interview they discuss fresh water, climate change, ways in which the sea connects all things, plastic pollution, why the ocean matters, and having hope and optimism for the future.

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Peter Neill’s new book aspires to do nothing less than transform our relationship with the world’s most promising and imperiled natural element: the ocean and the inter-connected cycles of water, essential for all aspects of human survival in the 21st century. It explores the ocean’s impact on climate, fresh water, food, energy, health, security, sustainable development, community living and cultural traditions.

The book also provides a persuasive argument for why the ocean matters and how its sustainability and careful use can establish a new paradigm for value and social behavior around which to build a new post-industrial, post-consumption global community.

Neill is founder and director of the World Ocean Observatory, a web-based place of exchange about the ocean and its relation to climate, fresh water, food, energy, health, security, economic development, policy, governance and cultural traditions. He is the past director of the Connecticut Marine Science Consortium, the Maritime Preservation Program at the U.S. National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the South Street Seaport Museum in New York. He is the author of three novels, numerous books on maritime art, history and literature, and the weekly World Ocean Radio podcast.