Volume 5: Ocean Literacy

February 2019

In this issue:
- Educating and Engaging the Next Generation of Ocean Stewards
- The Ocean Literacy Framework
- Where Does Water Go? with Decolonial Atlas, Aquifers and Watersheds of the US
- When Rivers Take the Long Way Around
- Our Perpetual Ocean: Currents from Space
- The Facts (and Visualizations) About Sea Level Rise
- Climate Reanalyzer
- The Cradle of Life: Shedding Light on Earth's First Oxygen-Breathing Life
- Hydrothermal Vents Thriving Deep on the Seafloor
- The Encyclopedia of Life
- We Are a Maritime Nation with Lincoln Paine
- Where Does Water Come From?
- Mapping the Ocean Floor
- Learning by Doing: Teaching Beyond the Classroom
- Billion Oyster Project
- The 8 Million Species We Don't Know with Edward O. Wilson