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- World Ocean Observatory App
- Kujataa World Heritage App


PRIVACY POLICY: No personal data is collected within the W2O app. The app engages in no-ad targeting, data mining, or other activities that may compromise your privacy.  The W2O app does direct via the web browser to the World Ocean Observatory Newsletter subscription page where name and email address are requested for subscription.
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1. Kujataa World Heritage app
A digital resource to get detailed maps and ruin information about the key elements of the five component areas of KUJATAA in Greenland, as well as basic information about agriculture in South Greenland. The result is a small library you can have in your cell phone in your pocket, when moving around in the heritage area. For iPhone and iPad.

2. The World Ocean Observatory app
Bringing the major programs and features of the W2O to your iPhone and iPad.

- Listen to weekly episodes of WORLD OCEAN RADIO, our 5-minute audio feature on a wide range of ocean issues from science and education to advocacy and exemplary projects, brought to you by long-time host Peter Neill.
- Read the latest from WORLD OCEAN FORUM, our blog dedicated to proposals for change in ocean policy and action worldwide, linking unexpected people with unexpected ideas and offering a knowledgeable outlet for research, opinion and storytelling.
- Read WORLD OCEAN JOURNAL, a digital magazine on ocean culture and solutions to today’s ocean issues. Each volume, focused on a particular theme, includes essays, articles, interviews, art, exhibits, and performances profiling the vital impacts of the ocean on our lives.
- Read our monthly newsletter to stay engaged with our making waves initiatives. 

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