World Ocean Curriculum - Ocean Art

Ocean Art
USCI Science Project & The Ocean Agency Teaching Resources
June 14, 2023

K-12 Lesson plans and toolkits on mangroves, seagrass, coral and ocean literacy. Using art to inspire advocacy.  

Ocean School
April 25, 2023

Ocean School is a free environmental education resource for students in grades 5-12. Inspiring and immersive multimedia resources featuring linear and 360˚ videos, VR/AR, interactive media and hands-on projects and activities are offered in English and French. Cross-curricular content spans science, social studies, language arts and more.

Oceans: A Fact Haiku | ArtsEdge Curricula, Lessons & Activities
January 5, 2023

Oceans: A Fact Haiku lesson plan intends for students in Grade 3 to write about the ocean using all five senses in the Haiku style of poetry. The lesson presents an overview; suggests length of time and grade level; cites subjects and subtopics; lists dimensions of learning and intelligence being addressed; notes equipment and materials needed; lists teacher and general resources; and cites relevant National Standards for Arts Education and other standards.

Marine Debris (Washed Ashore Project | Integrated Arts)
January 5, 2023

The Washed Ashore Project uses art to communicate about the health of the ocean. They share curriculum and resources on ways to educate students about plastic pollution in the ocean and in waterways and to spark positive change in consumer habits. Curriculum topics include active collaborative projects, use of visual elements and principles, the science of plastics, lessons on oceanography and ocean-based transport, lessons on prevantative behavior, social science and language art reflection, and much more.

Our Ocean / Our Health
January 4, 2023 curriculum module examines several key human connections to the ocean. Topics include activism/advocacy, climate change, ecosystems, nature, and social awareness. It will show students how to make a difference, how to understand the science and our relationship with the ocean, and ends with journaling and a community service art activity. For grades 9-12