Sea Connects All Things Lecture

This one-hour lecture by World Ocean Observatory Director Peter Neill suggests actions (beyond the predictable conventions) for organizations and individuals to adopt as an innovative strategy for the future. It is available for presentation to college, high school, and institutional audiences. For further information about lecture schedule and arrangements, please contact [email protected].

We are seeking solutions to the critical challenges of carbon, water, food, energy, and health as essential elements of human survival. Ultimately, those solutions will be found in the ocean - sequestered CO2, desalinated fresh water, sustainable protein production, geothermal and alternative energy technology, the medicines necessary to assure our well-being, and the new values and changed behaviors for successful living. This perspective informs the World Ocean Observatory, a portal of information and educational services about the ocean defined as "an integrated, global, social system." Peter Neill, W2O founder and director, will present his personal and professional journey to this understanding, an overview of the present, critical situation, and some provocative ideas for the future of the one ocean that connects us all. He brings a vision of the world as  "hydraulic society," as stimulus for thoughtful conversation, even debate.