World Ocean Travel


The ocean provides a vast seascape for travel. Beyond the cruise ship there are other, more intimate, more environmentally sustainable ways to engage with the ocean. The World Ocean Observatory, in partnership with
Borton Overseas, is providing a catalog of voyaging opportunities. For every Citizen of the Ocean who contracts for these voyages, a contribution will be made to the World Ocean Observatory.
FMI or to talk to a specialist, contact Borton Overseas at 1-800-843-0602 or email [email protected].



Maritime World Expeditions wants you to experience first hand the joys and genius that are the world's traditional boats. Join others in celebrating these wonderful designs and build an international community through exploring traditional boats and the regions they are from. Maritime World Expeditions' upcoming adventure is The Traditional Boats of Ireland (May 23-28, 2019). Learn more by visiting their website: or email them at [email protected]. Other trips in the planning include: The Traditional Boats of the Basque Country (Sept. 2019); Sailing the Norwegian Fembøring (June 2020); and The Azorean Whaleboat (Aug. 2020.)