World Ocean Subscription Services

World Ocean Subscription Services offer aquariums, science centers, maritime museums, educational institutions, visitor centers and environmental organizations worldwide exclusive, HD original and curated documentary films available via download or DVD-ROM, ready for use in exhibits, kiosks, theaters, and on- and off-site educational programs at no financial obligation.

Join our global network of distinguished partners and expand your interpretive and educational capacity, too! The Subscription Service is underwritten by an anonymous donor and is free for aquariums, maritime museums, and educational organizations.

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Module 1: Ocean Climate

Ocean Day: The Copenhagen Climate Talks
The talks at COP15 failed to reach a multi-lateral accord, but the world ocean community charted its own course of solutions—mitigation, adaptation, and invention of new strategies for the future.

Acid Test: Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification
Produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council, narrated by Sigourney Weaver, with spectacular ocean footage filmed by Howard and Michelle Hall and Nel Boshoff, this is “the other CO2 issue."

Module 2: Ocean Biodiversity

Exploring Bloody Bay Wall
Winner: Best Non-Broadcast Film
BLUE Ocean Film Festival!
Diver/scientists explore this spectacular underwater feature atop a 6,000-foot underwater cliff off Little Cayman Island in the Caribbean Sea. Their collaborative investigation into human biology, coral reef ecosystems, and underwater photography illuminates the range of what marine life offers to humanity.

Census of Marine Life: Approach & Findings
Unprecedented in depth and scale, this 10-year international effort engaged over 2,000 scientists from around the globe to assess the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine life.

Module 3: Ocean Energy

Ocean Energy Innovators
Innovative and creative minds explore ways the ocean can power our lives via wind and tidal energy and converting algae to biofuel.

Dark Horizon: Stories of the Gulf Oil Disaster
Resilient Louisiana residents who fish the waters and byways of the Gulf Coast share their pain, fear, and hopes after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Subscribers also receive  World Ocean Radio, a weekly series of brief audio essays hosted by World Ocean Observatory's own Peter Neill and available for broadcast through your organization and local community radio stations.

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