Volume 4: The Ocean and Human Health

December 2017

In this issue:
- What Does the Ocean Have to Do with Human Health?
- The Ocean Health Index
- Resurfacing from Trauma: Operation Surf
- Water is Medicine for Life: An Excerpt from Blue Mind  by Wallace J Nichols
- Climate Change Refugees: Resilience, Adaptation and Survival with Secretary John Kerry
- Seasons of Stress: Responding to Climate Change with Henry Penn
- Our Plastic Pollution Problem with the School of Sustainable Engineering, Arizona State
- The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health with US Global Change Research
- Folia Water with Jonathan Levine
- We All Live Downstream with Chris Clarke for KCET
- Reinventing Our Food System with Robert Jones, The Nature Conservancy
- Marine Pharmacology with Dr. Harshad Malve
- Genome Mining and DNA Sequencing: Unraveling the Mystery with Scripps Institute
- Codland: Making the Most Out of the Catch with Dr. Thor Sigfusson
- Creative Collisions with the New England Ocean Cluster